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Carrie Academy International Singapore
Carrie Academy International Singapore Pte Ltd; Carrie Model;
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About Us

We serve with passion. We not only take interest in your professional training and development but also on how we can help you serve better. With our professional courses, we strongly believe that we can help you achieve your desired goals.
Who are we ?

Carrie Academy International (CAI) was formed to serve the objective to train and groom corporations with the desire of image development, service quality enhancement and international brand recognition. Over the two decades, we have successfully trained more than 200,000 professionals. To date, our strong rapport serves with good reflection of our reliability and support given to our customers.

We Provide and Serve

With our best mix of services, we strongly believe that we can help you achieve your goal. Your success is our greatest motivation. By taking strong interest in the development of our customers, we take ownership in our delivery of services to ensure that every customer stands to gain from the training and development.

Our curriculums are specially developed to offer effective and innovated form of training and development. Our vast network and years of experience provide us with the capability to preserve the efficiency.

Where you have a need, we see to its delivery.